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Meet Lincoln Lawing

     If you want to know what a “southern gentleman” is, you need to meet Lincoln.  He grew up in Lake Waccamaw, NC and attended UNC Charlotte, obtaining his B.A. in Communications.  He has a contagious smile, a southern sense of humor, and a heart to see young people come to know Jesus.  I can’t think of a better combination! Lincoln is currently involved with coaching youth baseball and would consider himself to be quite a neat freak when at home.  One of his life long dreams is to hunt and kill a “Bigfoot” so he can prove to the world that they do exist!  In his spare time, he enjoys watching his brothers play baseball, working out, reading, writing, and hanging out with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

Lincoln and Rachel met at UNC Charlotte and only recently got married in July of 2011.  After graduating college he spent a year as an outside sales representative at CPI Security in Charlotte and then began teaching and coaching baseball at North Gaston High School.  During the time he was involved in his sales career, he met and began to follow Jesus completely. He began to feel like he didn’t belong in that particular line of work and that it wasn’t a good fit for him. He felt as if he needed to be doing something for God but wasn’t clear about what.  One day, during the invitation at his church he felt God calling him into ministry, but had very little direction at the time. Even though he felt God’s call, he wasn’t immediately obedient due to fears that accepting a call to ministry would insure a life of financial strain for him and his family.  Lincoln had always dreamed of having a “well paid” job and thought he probably would not find it if he went into full-time ministry.  However, God started working in his heart and began to transform the desires of his heart to reflect those of Jesus.  After a while of going back and forth, he finally asked God to show him what He wanted him to do and he promised he would do it, no matter what.  God led Lincoln into education field where he taught and coached for a year.  The Lord really worked in his heart during this time.  After a year of being around coaches and athletes he developed a strong desire to mentor them in their spiritual journey.

After Lincoln’s first year of teaching and coaching, he felt like God was calling him in a different direction. He knew he still wanted to be involved in sports and young people but didn’t know how he could incorporate that with his desire to be in ministry.  During the summer, a youth pastor he knew contacted him and told him about the FCA staff position in Gaston County.  The youth pastor put him in contact with Mark Talbot, the regional director of FCA Charlotte.  After hearing the details of the position, he immediately knew that this opportunity was what God had been preparing him for.

Lincoln is drawn to FCA because it gives him an opportunity to share the Gospel with coaches and athletes that he comes in contact with.  It also gives him an opportunity to mentor people and disciple them.  There is nothing he would rather do than spend time ministering to coaches and athletes in the arena of sports.


Meet Mark Talbot, Metro Charlotte FCA Director

True Charlotteans are hard to find, but Mark was born and raised in the Queen City.  He attended Independence High School where he played baseball and football until he graduated.  Mark attained his BS degree from Clemson University  and met his wife Vicki there.  Mark and Vicki have been married for 32 years and have 3 children, Micah 24, Hannah 23, and Jacob 21.  All of which are also Clemson Tigers!

Mark has been in the Real Estate development business for nearly 30 years in the coastal areas of North and South Carolina, working primarily with commercial development.  He has also coached all levels of youth baseball and operated a baseball academy for 15 years.  Mark has been active with Coastal Carolina University Baseball as a close friend of the head coach and their unofficial chaplain.  He also served on the Coastal Athletic Foundation Board of Directors.

Some of Mark’s favorite things to do in his spare time include watching youth sports and participating in all things competitive, including running and competing in triathlons.  He recently completed several 5K and 10K races, as well as 4 triathlons.  WOW!

Mark first heard about the sacrifice Jesus made for him when he 16 years old. He was at an FCA meeting where Albert Long and George Carl shared the gospel at Plaza Methodist Church in NE Charlotte.  The news of Jesus was life-changing for him, and he surrendered his life to Christ. After he moved away to attend college, several campus ministries such as Campus Crusade and Navigators helped him learn to study the Bible, mature as a believer, and share his faith.  This was a huge time of growth for him and provided a strong foundation for his spiritual journey ahead.  Since then, Mark has always been involved in ministry, serving in churches as youth leader, deacon, elder, and as a founding member of a new church.

Mark believes that he has always been called to ministry, but when his kids left home and his business was simplified, it became obvious that God had a plan that allowed he and his wife, Vicki, to take advantage of a new found freedom.  It was then that he was called to take on the role of Charlotte Metro Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  The opportunity to use his experience and love for sports as the platform to lead ministry was a perfect fit.  He considers it a blessing to use the organizational experience he received from the marketplace to build the FCA ministry in Charlotte.

Mark finds FCA compelling because he believes that the younger generations growing up across the world are in need of God and the saving grace of Jesus like never before.  He is convinced that FCA has an unusual and powerful way of influencing this generation through coaches and athletes like no other ministry can.

Anyone who has ever met Mark knows that he is passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus and he has great vision for FCA Charlotte.  Follow @FCACharlotte (Mark) on Twitter to keep up with all that God is doing in the life of the students, volunteers and staff involved in FCA Charlotte.  It’s going to be an exciting journey!

Every Tribe, Every Nation, Every Tongue

FCA Missions is really connecting all over the world and the commonality of sports transcends language and culture.

Chik Fil A CFO, Buck McCabe visits Charlotte FCA

One of the few people who witnessed and participated in the phenomenal growth of FCA Atlanta was Buck McCabe.  Buck has been a leader, friend, donor, and advocate of the impact of FCA all over the southeast and recently he came to Charlotte to share his experiences.

Buck is essentially the only CFO that Chik Fil A has ever had as they have grown to be the most respected company of their type in America and now the world.  Buck has seen the company grow to over 1,200 stores and over 4 Billion in sales while maintaining their committments to Christian values and principles.

During Buck’s visit he visited with business leaders from around Charlotte talking about his experience and his love for FCA.  Many times he related the growth he is seeing in Charlotte to what they saw in Atlanta just 5 years ago.  He talked about how they saw FCA go from 4 to over 60 on staff over 5 years and the impact they are having with the schools and sports teams in Atlanta.  This same momentum is being felt in Charlotte as we have added 7 to our staff over the last six months and more are in process.

One of the functions Buck attended was with all of the Charlotte FCA staff and their spouses.  This was held at Pine Lake Country Club and was a treat to share with Buck a time of fellowship and vision casting.

Many thanks to Buck for spending the time with us and we look forward to having him with us again in the future.

Mark Talbot

FCA Charlotte Metro Director


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