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Meet Ryan Gloer – UNC Charlotte FCA Director

Ryan Gloer was born and raised just below Atlanta, GA.  He grew up in Fayette County and lived there until he graduated from high school in 2004.  Ryan earned a B.A. in Business Management from Shorter University in Rome, GA, and will occasionally shout out “Hawk Nation!” at random to show his enthusiasm and support for his team.  Don’t let it startle you…  Ryan loves lifting weights, deer hunting, reading, and watching movies with his wife, Brittney.  While in college, Ryan played linebacker for the inaugural Shorter football team (the first team they ever had!) and served as a student pastor at a local church.  He has an obvious and sincere passion and love for Jesus and for each person he comes in contact with.

Ryan surrendered his life to Jesus when he was nineteen years old, a month shy of his twentieth birthday.   Shorter University was the third college he attended and he had transferred there while only in his third semester. Trying to find his way, Ryan sought fulfillment in everything but the One who truly brings fulfillment.  Upon arriving at Shorter, he realized he was playing under a coach who was boldly living for Jesus.  That experience had a powerful impact on his life.  While heading home for Christmas break after his sophomore season, he felt about as empty as an individual can feel.  After holding on to his own ways for so long, Ryan finally surrendered everything to the Lord.  He told Him that He could have his life and that He could have all of it.  Ryan had a new sense of awareness that his life was not his own.  When he got back on campus, he shared everything that happened to him with his head coach, Phil Jones.  Coach Phil immediately got Ryan plugged in with the FCA ministry and the Lord used his involvement in the ministry to change his life.  He got connected with a church and was eventually asked to intern with the student ministry.  It was through his involvement with the student ministry coupled with his time in FCA that the Lord birthed in him a passion that has increased every year.  He later went on staff with that church and ended up serving as their student pastor as he played college football throughout his senior year.  As a fairly new believer at that point, he wasn’t sure what it meant to be “called into the ministry.”  It wasn’t too long after that he realized what it meant and it became a desire in his heart that would not go away.  There was, and still is, a longing in his heart to see people come to know Jesus and to make Him known.  FCA has given him the opportunity to see people impacted for Jesus Christ through the medium of sports and through the influence of athletes and coaches.

After graduating from Shorter in May of 2008, it wasn’t long before he accepted a position with FCA.  He was coaching high school football and serving as their team chaplain when the Area Director for FCA in Fayette County approached him.  It was in December of 2008 that Ryan accepted the call to come on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He has been on the Atlanta FCA staff since that time!

In February of 2009, Ryan met his beautiful wife Brittney while serving at a Disciple Now weekend in Georgia.  Ryan had been on staff with FCA for a short time and she was in her senior year at LSU.  After their first meeting, it wasn’t until almost a year later that they spoke again.  After she graduated LSU, she accepted a teaching position in Charlotte.  Ryan’s best friend also happened to be living in Charlotte and when he came for a visit, he and Brittney got together for lunch one time and “that was all she wrote!”  They married on November 20, 2010 and Brittney moved to Georgia with Ryan.  Ironically, the Gloers are back in Charlotte where it all began!

Just a little over a year ago, the Lord placed a burden on his heart to step into college level ministry.  At the end of 2011, they announced that they would be following the Lord’s call to build the FCA ministry at UNC Charlotte.  Since that time, they have settled into their home in Charlotte and are already ministering to many college athletes.

Ryan testifies that the FCA ministry deeply impacted him as an athlete in college as Jesus used it to change his life.  The fact that he’s been given the opportunity to serve others in the same way stirs his motivation.  He believes that athletes and coaches, with their unique chemistry, are some of the most influential people in the world.  His prayer is that the daily impact they have will be used to spread the name of Jesus Christ.

You can follow Ryan and Brittney on Twitter for updates on all God is doing at UNC Charlotte thru FCA.  Ryan: @ryangloer, UNCC: @49erFCA,  Brittney: @brittneygloer.