2012 FCA Training Camp for Leaders


On September 23rd, coaches, athletes, and volunteers gathered to be encouraged, empowered, resourced, and inspired for their leadership role with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  It was an exciting afternoon to see these leaders come together from all over the Greater Charlotte area for the first time.

Shane Williamson, Regional Vice President FCA opened the day with his experience and observations of the influence of a coach. This set the tone to pursue a strategy for ministry that begins “To and Through” the coaches.

Mark Talbot, Metro Director FCA Greater Charlotte led the practical aspects of the session along with many of the Area Staff.  Staff participating  included Bryan Woodell, Ryan Gloer, Lincoln Lawing, Stuart Ramirez, Warren Stukes, and Bethany Trouville.  Details on coaches bible studies, team bible studies, Huddles, and events such as Fields of Faith and missions were discussed and planned.

The highlight of the day was the FCA super deluxe Ice Cream Sundaes served by a group of awesome volunteers in bow ties and hats.  It looked like the Mayberry Soda Shoppe re-created. These coaches and athletes had no problem piling on the over abundant toppings.

The featured presenter of the day was Shanta Crichlow, FCA Atlanta.  Shanta inspired the crowd with her story of how God has sustained and guided her through victories as a Georgia Tech sprinter and the challenges of bone cancer.Her story of faith and courage was powerful and gave us encouragement for our own individual role in the Kingdom of God and the ministry of FCA.


Thanks to all who participated and we look forward to another event like this in the future.





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