Volleyball Camp 2014

The first ever FCA Volleyball Camp in Charlotte was a huge success due to the commitment of coaches to bring their athletes and to our leaders who did an exceptional job of sharing their lives and Biblical truth with the campers.

High School athletes were instructed by college coaches and former college players.  Each athlete had the chance to receive excellent instruction while also receiving “ALL IN” devotional messages from our leaders.  In addition to the testimonies, the ladies were divided into huddles and met with a leader for discussion and sharing that was the highlight of the day.


A surprise highlight was our “guys panel” where three young men shared their thoughts and answered questions that girls always want to know about how guys feel, act, and relate.  Our guys did an awesome job and were authentic, honest, and hilarious.

This camp will prove to be a springboard for Vance, Stuart Cramer, and IMG_3826Lake Norman Charter to experience spiritual growth and outreach through their teams.


2 responses to “Volleyball Camp 2014

  1. When does FCA meet (and other details) at Marvin Ridge High School,, Waxhaw?

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