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#FCARealTalk15 is a special event “Just for High School Girls” on Feb 8th, 2015.  Check here for tickets or email    Check out the video too (YouTube – #FCARealTalk15)


FCA Israel Trip 2015

Come join an experience of a lifetime.  This is a work that has been happening for over 12 years.  Sports camps are a great way to make friends and share the love of Christ.  At the same time you will see the places, towns, and areas that you have read about in the Bible.  It all comes to life when you see it and get to know the people of the region through these camps.  Mark and Vicki Talbot will be hosting again this year along with many other coaches, college athletes, FCA staff, and supporters.Slide1

2015 Team Football Camp

Be sure your team is signed up.


FCA Belk Bowl Breakfast 2014