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2015 South Meck / Union Co. Celebration Dinner with Dabo Swinney a HUGE success!

Dabo and players Over 325 gathered to hear stories from local coaches about how FCA had impacted their lives and the lives of the student athletes on their campus.  As a bonus Dabo Swinney (Clemson Head Football Coach) spoke of his journey to coaching, to Clemson, and most of all to his faith in God.  Here are  a few of the highlights.

1.  God never says OOPS!

2.  When adversity comes into our lives it either defines us, destroys us, or God uses it to develop us.  Make the right choice.

3.  We have to be “Over Believers” and not just “Over Achievers”

4.  We have to be ready for battle every day, put on the Armor of God.

5.  We have to stay away from Things or People that are keeping us from being who God wants us to be.

In addition there was a pre-event with 30 local coaches where Dabo spoke encouragement to them to live out their faith in every area of life including their coaching.

Tad, Dabo, Bryan Mark and Dabo DAbo and Stuart Dabo Dabo and players Dabo pointing


49er FCA Dinner April 10th, 2015

If you are a 49er fan, and FCA fan, or just love sports and ministry this will be a fun night.  Lots of student athletes will share their experiences and participate.  Coach Lambert will share his thoughts on the impact of FCA and you will see the fruits of a fellowship created by God.  Ryan Gloer, FCA Director at UNCC will be the host and continues to lead through humility and grace.  Don’t miss this!!!2015_49er_FCA_Dinner_and_Silent_Auction_flyer

2015 Banquet with Dabo Swinney


2014 Belk Bowl Breakfast was a huge success!



#FCARealTalk15 is a special event “Just for High School Girls” on Feb 8th, 2015.  Check here for tickets or email    Check out the video too (YouTube – #FCARealTalk15)

FCA Israel Trip 2015

Come join an experience of a lifetime.  This is a work that has been happening for over 12 years.  Sports camps are a great way to make friends and share the love of Christ.  At the same time you will see the places, towns, and areas that you have read about in the Bible.  It all comes to life when you see it and get to know the people of the region through these camps.  Mark and Vicki Talbot will be hosting again this year along with many other coaches, college athletes, FCA staff, and supporters.Slide1

2015 Team Football Camp

Be sure your team is signed up.


FCA Belk Bowl Breakfast 2014


Volleyball Camp 2014

The first ever FCA Volleyball Camp in Charlotte was a huge success due to the commitment of coaches to bring their athletes and to our leaders who did an exceptional job of sharing their lives and Biblical truth with the campers.

High School athletes were instructed by college coaches and former college players.  Each athlete had the chance to receive excellent instruction while also receiving “ALL IN” devotional messages from our leaders.  In addition to the testimonies, the ladies were divided into huddles and met with a leader for discussion and sharing that was the highlight of the day.


A surprise highlight was our “guys panel” where three young men shared their thoughts and answered questions that girls always want to know about how guys feel, act, and relate.  Our guys did an awesome job and were authentic, honest, and hilarious.

This camp will prove to be a springboard for Vance, Stuart Cramer, and IMG_3826Lake Norman Charter to experience spiritual growth and outreach through their teams.

Winter Blitz College Conference 2014 a Tremendous Success

Words can’t begin to describe all that happened this past weekend at the FCA Winter Blitz College Conference.  There were 155 students and athletes from 18 different universities across North and South Carolina.  We took 51 of the 49ers from UNC CharlotteThree of our students surrendered their lives to Jesus while we were there.  Pictures and some powerful testimonies are below – I strongly encourage you to read them!  Love y’all. Much love from the Niner Nation.

2014 FCA Winter Blitz - 49er crew*We received this from a freshman girl we have been praying for since August:

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to attend Winter Blitz this year.  This was going to be my first time at a Christian camp and I didn’t know what to expect, but you would be happy to know I went to Camp Thunderbird with an open heart.  Friday was an eye opener, for the first time in my entire life during worship I felt Christ in my presence. It was the most amazing feeling.  The words in the Bible weren’t just words; they were the Word of God.  They finally had a meaning to me.Saturday I felt something in my heart that was different from anything I’ve ever felt. I knew I was ready to follow Him and I did just that on Saturday night. If I had not been given this opportunity I would not feel the way I do today and I really can’t thank you enough for your kind heart. God bless you. Love always, your sister in Christ. [UNC Charlotte female athlete]

 I just wanted to say thank you. You changed my life this weekend. I felt something different this year and I loved it. You not only helped me but as I changed I told my girlfriend about it and she was wanting to change awhile back but I wasn’t there yet so she didn’t. But as I changed so did she. I just want to thank you again sincerely. I feel like a different man now. [UNC Charlotte football player]


The message on the first night is one that hit home for me personally.  The theme 2014 FCA Winter Blitz - guys prayingof the message was that “God’s power is made perfect in our weaknesses”.  I have read that scripture several times but it had a whole new meaning for me.  I struggle with insecurity, anxiety, and not feeling qualified enough to share Christ. This weekend I learned that my struggles are not an accident and that God uses our struggles and weaknesses to glorify Himself! This weekend left me in complete awe of who God is. It left me with a greater desire to know Him more and to make His name known in all that I do. [UNC Charlotte student]

 I made a lot of new friends and we came together as brothers and sisters. I was especially heart warmed that the athletes took me under their arms even though I am technically not a college athletic competitor. [UNC Charlotte student]


ryan gloer


UNC Charlotte Campus DirectorRyan Pic

Fellowship of Christian Athletes