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2015 South Meck / Union Co. Celebration Dinner with Dabo Swinney a HUGE success!

Dabo and players Over 325 gathered to hear stories from local coaches about how FCA had impacted their lives and the lives of the student athletes on their campus.  As a bonus Dabo Swinney (Clemson Head Football Coach) spoke of his journey to coaching, to Clemson, and most of all to his faith in God.  Here are  a few of the highlights.

1.  God never says OOPS!

2.  When adversity comes into our lives it either defines us, destroys us, or God uses it to develop us.  Make the right choice.

3.  We have to be “Over Believers” and not just “Over Achievers”

4.  We have to be ready for battle every day, put on the Armor of God.

5.  We have to stay away from Things or People that are keeping us from being who God wants us to be.

In addition there was a pre-event with 30 local coaches where Dabo spoke encouragement to them to live out their faith in every area of life including their coaching.

Tad, Dabo, Bryan Mark and Dabo DAbo and Stuart Dabo Dabo and players Dabo pointing


Inaugural Dinner and Silent Auction for 49er FCA

dinner pic - ryan speaking dinner pic - q and a panel dinner pic - coach lambert speaking dinner pic - students servinguncc-logo copyHello friends!
I want to say thank you for being a part of our first ever dinner and silent auction for 49er FCA on Friday night. We are praising God for such an incredible turnout. I have attached a few pics from the event and below I have included a few testimonies we received over the past week. Thanks for your investment and for carving out the time to join us. I’d love to hear from y’all!

Ryan, thank you so much for everything you have done for the 49ers FCA. I truly believe God placed you and our son, ******* there for his spiritual walk. Words can’t express how much we appreciate that as parents. Prayers for you and your family with this leadership. [Charlotte Athlete’s Parent]

I can’t even begin to thank you for your amazing contribution to fca at Charlotte. I personally know that you continually inspire my son to seek the Lord and glorify him on everything he does. I so appreciate you meeting with him on a weekly basis to help him work through things and to dig deeper into his faith and the Word. You are such an amazing inspiration and role model to him. Thank you so much. [Charlotte Athlete’s Parent]

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending the FCA fundraiser on Friday night and hearing you speak. I can’t stop thinking about that evening and the impact you made on me. I was very surprised for several reasons but I just want you to know that we enjoyed being there and we would like to support FCA in the future. [Dinner Attendee]

ryan gloer

49er FCA Dinner April 10th, 2015

If you are a 49er fan, and FCA fan, or just love sports and ministry this will be a fun night.  Lots of student athletes will share their experiences and participate.  Coach Lambert will share his thoughts on the impact of FCA and you will see the fruits of a fellowship created by God.  Ryan Gloer, FCA Director at UNCC will be the host and continues to lead through humility and grace.  Don’t miss this!!!2015_49er_FCA_Dinner_and_Silent_Auction_flyer

2015 Banquet with Dabo Swinney


FCA Israel Trip 2015

Come join an experience of a lifetime.  This is a work that has been happening for over 12 years.  Sports camps are a great way to make friends and share the love of Christ.  At the same time you will see the places, towns, and areas that you have read about in the Bible.  It all comes to life when you see it and get to know the people of the region through these camps.  Mark and Vicki Talbot will be hosting again this year along with many other coaches, college athletes, FCA staff, and supporters.Slide1

How does a local school benefit from having available and engaged FCA staff?

Ministry to all Coaches– Every high school has 20-25 coaches on staff. FCA staff ministers to the coaches through:

  • Encouragement, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Bible Studies
  • Ministry strategy for incorporating faith based coaching into their plans
  • Care ministry to coaches and families
  • Resources specific to their needs
  • Access to camps and ministry opportunities for coaches and families

Ministry to Athletes – Every high school has 3-400 athletes.  FCA staff ministers to the students by:

  • Developing team specific Huddles led by coaches and volunteers
  • Providing resource materials, speakers, and tools to use for ministry
  • Creating evangelistic opportunities to share the gospel with the athletes
  • Providing relational and discipleship ministry to student leaders
  • Facilitating ministry to athletes and their families in times of crisis and need

Ministry to the Student Body – Every high school culture is influenced heavily by the athletes and coaches who are on the campus. FCA staff ministers to the total student body through:

  • Campus-wide Huddles
  • Evangelism to share the gospel with the students
  • Ministry services to the athletes and from the athletes
  • Development of student leaders
  • Development of volunteer leaders
  • Resources for devotionals, worship, services, and discipleship
  • Missions opportunities for serving their community

Understanding the Need for FCA Charlotte

There are over 100 public and private High schools in the Greater Charlotte Metro Area.  There are 8 universities with athletic teams and there are thousands of off-campus sports teams playing and practicing every year.  In order to bring FCA resources to full capacity, there must be a staff member assigned to every 4-5 high schools and at least one to every major off-campus sport such as volleyball, soccer, baseball, and basketball.

Adding new staff members requires finding individuals who are equipped and called to the ministry of FCA.  New staff members will need training, resources, and financial support. Additionally, they will need prayers and volunteer leadership willing to step up and use their influence, gifts, and financial means. In order to fulfill the opportunity for ministry, we must add over 50 FCA staff members over the next 5 years. In order to accomplish this, we need your support.